Arbor Fish, Larson's Ski and Sport

Get Your Carve On With The Fish!

Arbor Fish, Larson's Ski and Sport

Classic Pintail with a splash of Surf style!

Do you wanna get back to your roots? Wish you could surf but lack the water and waves nearby? Well its time to carve up the streets with this mellow cruiser from Arbor Collective! The Fish is a wonderful pintail , made of 7 Plys of sweet sweet maple! Due to its thinner deck, a mid-soft flex is expected and promotes deep clean carves. Toss in some killer Gullwing Charger Trucks and you get one hell of a ride.

If cruising around the park, or along a winding concrete path sounds amazing The Fish provides a wonderful mellow ride that satisfies any surfers fantasies. Come by the shop anytime and check out what Arbor Collective has dropped of at our shop today!

Don’t take our word for it, check out the guys who designed the deck themselves here!