Karen Marriott: Windsurfer Extraordinaire

Karen Marriott: Windsurfer Extraordinaire

Karen Marriott

We at Larson’s get to meet some extraordinary folks from time to time. Each season, hundreds of avid athletes walk through our doors to get geared up for their respective sports. Some athletes started their sporting careers with the gear that we provide!

Karen Marriot

This month we had the opportunity to pick Karen Marriott’s brains about her first love, and main career. Karen Marriott is a amazing professional windsurfer, and part of the infamous Larson’s bunch. Sibling of John Marriott (founder of Larson’s Ski & Sport), Karen was constantly in competing with her brother John. This helped developed Karen into the athlete she is today. Larson’s was able to ask Karen some questions about her career, gear, and advice!


Q.         How long have you been windsurfing for?

A.         I have been windsurfing for about 25 years.

Q.         What got you into windsurfing?

A.         When my brother John started windsurfing I wanted to learn too and he would take me along with him. He was always better than me, so pretty quickly my goal became to get better than him. I may or may not have gotten there yet – it depends on who you ask!

Q.         Where is your favorite place to surf at?

A.         It’s so hard to pick a favorite! The Columbia River Gorge is fantastic, and Corpus Christi Bay is also awesome. My favorite is probably wherever I happen to be with gear on a windy day.

Q.         What is your setup?

A.         I currently love my Fanatic Gecko 105 with a 6.5m Maui Sails Pursuit and my favorite gear to race on currently is the Kona One (in the Kona one design class)

Q.         Do you have any words of wisdom to share with up and comers?

A.         Move to a windy place, sail with people who are better than you and enter events – it pushes you to get better way quicker than just sailing around!


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