Local's Only

Local’s Only

Old School

Remember the days when Metal music was played loud and new tricks were invented every day? Tricks such as the McTwist, Caballeria, and many others. You don’t? Well our Larson’s Local this week does!

Hang Time

Lyle is one amazing dude, he doesn’t hold back on any feature. We ran into Lyle at Arvada’s Apex Skatepark, where he was destroying the monstrous bowls the park features. From Backside airs, to rock-n-rolls Lyle handled the pools like the beast he is! Lyle gave us the opportunity to film and interview him.

Skating for over 30 years, Lyle makes skating look easy. In 2010 Lyle was given the opportunity to skate with Andy Macdonald at the grand opening of Arvada’s new skatepark, a memory that remains ingrained into Lyle’s brain to this day. Lyle’s raw and rowdy style reflects those of his skate idols. He told us that his all time favorite skater was Mike McGill, the father of the famous “McTwist”, and remembers the days as a youth watching the sport progress. Today, Lyle embodies the spirit of skateboarding, (like the past greats of skateboarding he admires) that is live fast and have fun!

Mini Ripper

This guy can tear apart on a kiddies deck! What can you youngins do!


Thank you so much Lyle for giving us the time to meet and watch you skate! It was a blast! Keep inspiring the youth of today, and carry on shredding!

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