Sanuk Footwear

Stylin’ Summer Footwear!

Slip-on shoes, not shoes, sandals

Sanuk’s are the most comfortable summer “shoe”.

From day one, Sanuk as reinvented the way sandals should look and feel. Using eco-friendly products (reusing products such as outdoor carpeting to yoga mats) not only help the earth but create a unique summer feeling shoe. The materials that are used in each shoe reflect on the surfer history of the company, and can be felt by their comfortable fit.

Sandal's from Sanuk, ultra comfortable.

The most comfortable “sandal” you’ll ever wear from Sanuk!

Whether your a surfer, skater, or average joe, Sanuk provides some super comfortable and unique summer styles! From traditional sandals, to mellow “sidewalk surfers” and classy loafers, there is a style to fit anyone. Check them out online our in-store today