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Ski Tuning and Ski Repairs


Ski Hot Wax


New Ski Tune $12.00

Quick Tune

Includes very light stone grind, light edge grind and bevel and hot wax.  This tune is perfect for skis that are very lightly used and just need a quick clean up and edge touch up.


Minor Tune

Includes stone grind, edge grind and bevel and hot wax.  If your skis clearly need some love—but you have stayed off the rocks, this is probably the tune you need.


Complete Ski Tune

Includes filling deep scratches in base, stone grind, edge grind and bevel and hot wax.  This is the tune for skis that have been well used and need some help!


Stone Grind Only $30.00
Binding Adjust & Test $15.00
Binding Mount & Test $35.00

Snowboard Minor Tune

Includes belt grind, edge grind and bevel and hot wax.


Snowboard Complete Tune

Includes filling deep scratches, belt grind, edge grind and bevel and hot wax.


Snowboard Hot Wax $12.00

Edge repairs, base welds, heli-coils, race tune ups (you specify structure and bevels) and boot repairs and custom fitting are also available.  Ask us for a quote!


Ski Repairs

Larson's has one of the most sophisticated ski tuning shops on the front range and the most experienced ski tuning staff around.  Our Wintersteiger tuning machines are state of the art - bring your skis in and see what we can do to make your days on the slopes more fun! If you are more of the DIY sort, or you just want to keep your edges sharp between tunes we also sell a full line of home tuning equipment.  Check out just a small part of our selection in our on-line store!

Boot Fitting

In addition to tuning skis and snowboards, Larson’s also does custom boot fitting.  If your boots are killing your feet, come see us!  Our expert boot fitters can evaluate your feet and your boots and see what improvements can be made.  We can also replace broken buckles if you just can’t stand to part with your old boots.

Sailboard, Surfboard, SUP Repair

We can fix almost any damage to sailboards, stand-up paddleboards and surfboards. The price varies depending on the work necessary. If you have a broken board bring it by our store or call us with a description of the damage and we can give you an estimate.